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                                                                       Mónika Ormos

                                                          Upscale Home Furnisher/Designer


A European Interior Designer, Home Furnisher and Feng Shui Professional, from Hungary/Budapest. She studied and obtained her diploma from Interior Design Institute Of New York.

Her diverse background from Hungary, Greece, Italy, and Spain has given her the opportunity to experience first hand design ideas from the Mediterranean all the way to the USA.

Her career started in Chicago, continued to Colorado and recently she is creating beauty in California for the past seven years. Mainly residential and vacation rentals, occasionally commercials.

With her years of professional experience and work ethic, you are guaranteed to get the best quality and style of her designs

Her first Design Studio/Showroom in California was opened in Carlsbad, then she opened her gorgeous 3 units Studio/showroom in Oceanside, CA where clients can wander around her beautiful designs and upscale furnitures among one of a kind art exhibitions of painting, pictures and sculptures
from artists from all over the World.

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